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About Me

Hey my name's Leni. I'm a headshot photographer based in London. 
The idea of a photoshoot for Actors can be pretty daunting so I like to take a chilled, comfortable approach to my shoots, getting to know a bit about you, your casting types and what you want from the shoot. The result being bespoke, individual headshots, using outdoor natural light that aim to capture the life and character of the person in front of the lens. 

A bit about me - I 'm also an actress, so I have first hand insight into the industry and what is required from headshots to get you in the room!

I grew up with photography around me, My Dad was a photographer and I remember being fascinated by his work and the little dark room next to our house. As I got older I started taking pictures of friends. I've always been drawn to portraiture and capturing that special moment that shows a glimpse of personality and character.  Since then my photography has developed and keeps developing each time I get out my camera. Finding light, life and beauty in the unusual is what inspires me.


In terms of what to bring to a shoot, You'll need....

  • A selection of tops to reflect different casting types. Different colours are great but I suggest staying away from overly patterned tops as they can be distracting.

  • Anything hair/make up wise you may want to use to touch up during the shoot. I usually carry powder and lip balm with me on shoots!

  • And last but not a least...yourself! 

Contact Me

Thanks for the enquiry! I'll get back to you asap!

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